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Super Cute Printable Stationery Set


  • three cupcake writing sheets
  • two envelopes
  • rainbow sprinkle liner
  • and cute cutout envelope seals!

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This is a digital download. No printed products will be shipped. For printed stationery see images below.

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Unicorn Stationery
  Narwhal Stationery
How To

After you receive your stationery set, come back to this page for folding instructions, paper hints, gluing tips, and more.

For personal (non-commercial) use only.

Please read our Image Use Information before using. Thank you!


Color laser or ink jet printer with ink

Printer paper

Double sided tape or paper glue



Make sure to print everything from the same program using the same settings, that way everything will fit together perfectly.

To create the small (inner) envelope, carefully cut it out along the outside of the purple lines, try not to cut off any of the purple. But if you do it's okay! This is kawaii so if it's a little messed up that only makes it cuter.

Next cut out the rainbow liner in the same way.

Now we fold.

Place your envelope on a flat surface printed side down. First fold the bottom half up and set the liner inside. Then fold over the side flaps and fold the top flap down.

Now open it back up and tuck the side flaps under the bottom fold. This is what your envelope will look like when it's finished.

Time to glue! ...or tape.

If you use glue, and you don't want your paper wrinkled up then use a special type of paper glue or double sided tape. (See hints and tips below.)

Open your envelope, your rainbow liner should already be inside. Fold down the liner and apply a small amount of glue or tape along the curved part only, you don't need to glue the bottom half or the sides at all. Then fold it back up and press.

Next apply glue or tape along the sides of the bottom flap of your envelope, use only a small amount of glue and make sure to apply it to only the very outer edges. Then fold it up and carefully press it to the side flaps.

Now you have a super cute envelope with rainbow sprinkle liner. You don't want it ripped to shreds when it gets opened right? So don't seal it! Simply place it unsealed inside the larger (outer) envelope that was included in your set.

Create the second envelope the same way that you made the first one.

For hand delivery, cut out one or more of the cute round seals and attach to the outside of your large envelope with double sided tape. Or...

Use cute stickers to seal your envelope.

Click images below to view stickers on Zazzle

Unicorn Stickers
  Narwhal Stickers
  Pooping Unicorn Stickers
Pooping Unicorn

For delivery through the mail you should seal your envelope a little more securely. Apply a small amount of glue to the top flap and press closed.

Need kawaii postage stamps?

Click images to view on Zazzle

Photo Postage
Rainbow Unicorn
  Funny Postage
Believe in Unicorns
  Custom Text Postage

Cutting the cupcake sprinkle stationery is optional. Cut in half to use as two separate sheets or fold in half widthwise and use as one sheet. The larger rainbow writing sheet fits perfectly inside your envelope when folded in half lengthwise then folded in thirds widthwise.

Hints & Tips

For the best results, use double sided tape or paper glue which should be easy to find at your local craft and hobby store. Here are some suggestions for you to search for if you want to order online:

  • Scotch Clear Wrinkle Free Glue Stick
  • Lick & Stick Remoistenable Envelope Glue
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue

Using regular old Elmer's glue can wrinkle up your paper but if you use it very sparingly, it can work. No matter how much you think you need, you probably need less.

When sealing the large envelope only apply glue to the center of the top flap, it doesn't need to go all the way to the edges, if you use too much it could seep out and stick to the contents inside.

Printer Settings

Use Adobe Reader to open and print your files. If you don't have the latest copy of Adobe Reader, download it here for free:

For the best results set "Page Scaling" to "None" and check "Auto-Rotate and Center". If those settings don't work with your printer, you can change them. Just make sure to use the same settings for each piece, that way they will all fit together.

If you change "Page Scaling" to "Fit to Printable Area" or some other setting, your printables will be smaller than the original size which is fine but you might have to trim the edges of the sprinkles writing sheet to make it even on both sides.

Don't make it too small if you want to mail it. The smallest envelope that can be mailed inside the US needs to be at least 5" long and 3 1/2" tall.

Regular printer paper works just fine. If you want brighter results use photo paper.

Do you want rainbow liner for both of your envelopes? Just print it twice. It won't be an exact fit on the larger envelope so you will have to center it by eye when you do your gluing but it works nicely just the same.

Don't seal the smaller envelope! The small one is meant to be placed inside the larger one unsealed.

When you're all done, take picture and post it on my Facebook page, I would love to see it!

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