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Unauthorized Use

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What is personal use?

Personal use means for your own noncommercial enjoyment. Personal use items may not be sold, given away, shared, used for business purposes, or used to make money.

Can I get a tattoo of art?

Yes! Getting a tattoo featuring sugarhai artwork is okay.

Can I offer your art as tattoos?

No. Tattoo artists and shops may not sell or otherwise offer sugarhai images as tattoo designs.

Can I use your images to represent my business?

No. You may not use sugarhai images to promote or represent your business, service, or products.

Can I modify your images for a certain type of use?

No. You may not add filters, crop, resize, remove text, or otherwise modify sugarhai images in any way.

Can I post your images on my social media accounts?

Yes! You may share sugarhai images with your followers. Please credit sugarhai with a link or tag when possible.

Can I post your images on my blog?

Maybe. Please use the contact form to request written permission.

Can I include your images in a list or collection?

Maybe. Please use the contact form to request written permission.

Thank you!