my own shop

    • latest stickers
    • select clothing designs


    • exclusive coloring pages
    • exclusive wallpaper and icon sets
    • tattoo tokens
    • patreon only bonus content


    • hoodies, sweatshirts, crop tops, and unisex tees
    • leggings
    • backpacks
    • hats
    • dresses
    • and more

    early access to new designs

    • get fresh designs from my social media specially made into products


    • baby clothes
    • kid's clothing
    • stickers
    • buttons
    • throw pillows
    • comforters and duvet covers
    • mugs
    • water bottles
    • hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees
    • backpacks
    • phone cases
    • wall art and cards
    • tote bags
    • zipper pouches
    • and more


    • customizable products


    • small collection of retro designs on shirts and other products

    Please only buy from my official shops.

    If you see my work for sale in an unofficial shop, please let me know.

    Thank You

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