Rainbow Unicorn Party Printables

Make Your Own Super Cute Unicorn Party Favors

Print as many as you need.

soda and tic tacs

Tic Tac Covers

Kawaii Tic Tac labels including Giggle Pills, Rainbow Spice, Cloud Candy, and Unicorn Poop.

Easy to Make

Just print out, cut out, and stick on.

No need to remove the original label, just put the new one right on top.

Print on regular paper or sticker paper.

For personal (non-commercial) use only.

Click image to download the hi-res printable version. 

tic tac labels

Soda Bottle Labels

Soda-licious new flavors including Unicorn Pee, Unicorn Tears, and Liquid Narwhal.

unicorn pee soda and unicorn tears soda

Easy to Make

You may need to soak your bottles to remove the original labels first.

If it fits, save time by simply placing the new labels over the original labels.

For sticking, try double sided tape, glue stick, or print on sticker paper.


Remember, unless you use special paper and ink your labels won't be waterproof.

If you use regular paper, keep your bottles dry and at room temperature to avoid condensation.

Pour into ice filled glasses to enjoy chilled.


Unicorn Pee labels look great on cream soda - and it's almost an exact match to the actual color and flavor of real unicorn pee.

Unicorn tears taste like magically sad blueberries, if you can find a blue colored soda, it will look good.

I don't recommend tasting narwhals in liquid form, or actually in any form, but the Liquid Narwhal label looks great on a bottle of cherry soda.

Your Guests Will Love It

soda bottles in a row

For personal (non-commercial) use only.

Click each image to download the hi-res printable version. 

unicorn pee label
unicorn tears label
liquid narwhal label
Hope you love them.
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