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Kawaii Tattoos

Can I use your artwork to get a tattoo?

Yes! I would love that.

Please send photos of your sugarhai tattoos to hai(at) or tag me "@sugarhai" on Instagram.

I will feature your photos on my social media pages.

My tattooist wants written permission to use your artwork, can you give me that?

Sure. Email me and let me know which image you're interested in and I will send you something that you can print out for your tattooist.

I'm a tattoo artist/shop. Can I offer your artwork as tattoos for my clients?

Always make sure you get written permission before using copyrighted artwork for any purpose!

Where can I browse your images?

Character Gallery

Is your artwork copyrighted?

Yes it is. But a one time personal use, like getting a tattoo is okay. For more info, read this: Copyright Information

  Cat Lady

Bat Cake
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